Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 8 easy steps

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

1) Meditation is Key - Breathing Exercises and Visualizing calm and peaceful surroundings.

2) Music Changes Your Mood - Create a Playlist of Different types of music and label them for the the time comes you can quickly selected to help change your state of mind.

3) Smells - Aromatherapy is a great way to switch gears when you feel the stress of the world closing in on you. Oils that have different properties promote different feelings.

4) Color - Colors of all kind can change your mood. Surround your self with Blues, Yellow, soft colors that will help calm your mind when you feel overwhelmed. Have something near by you at all times that will help you focus on the present time.

5) Soft Materials to touch - A soft fuzzy blanket or pair of socks will quickly help you calm down and feel secure. A soft fluffy pillow or Robe can help lighten your mood and relax your state of mind.

6) Hot Bath/Shower - Taking a hot bath or shower will help distract you and help reset your senses. It will calm you and throw in some Lavender for an even amazing calming effect. \

7) Nature - Getting in touch with Nature is a terrific was to reset your brain. Taking in the sites and smells can calm your emotions and bring you to present time.

8) Exercise - Exercise is a great stimulant and energizer. It also distracts you from what may be causing the anxiety in the first place, not to mention it get the blood pumping and produces endorphins that make you happy!

Usually what ever may be causing our anxiety is something out of our control and we feel powerless and then worry sets in. Find something you can control and you will quickly feel that helpless state of mind disappear and get your POWER back!

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